Age of Discovery

Age of Discovery

Slot machine test: age of discovery

With a title as in the slot game age of discovery one now thinks of big names such as Leonardo da Vinci or Galileo Galilei. And that not quite wrong, because actually moves the scenario of the slots about during this period, in the work of such great master became world famous. Quickfire has brought the interesting topic on the rollers, which certainly can make a lot of fun friends while playing. But not only is the great scenery, which was built by the good graphics. Also the values and functions is age of discovery slot quite a crunchy affair, which can really be fun. Because the symbols are good values, but above all, there is also Bonusfunktionnen, which can provide additional winnings on your account. From time to time so so much fun and is also very positive for your account. Of course there's also a good day, but age of discovery offers you all the opportunities that it needs to win.

You can try out in the CherryCasino. Login just to participate here as a player for real money. If you but once only carefully willing look then you can of course also play age of discovery for free.

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The symbols provide some display values, but it comes especially, what values they bring and what gains they lead. The symbols at all include something, they must also in the age of discovery slot game in row and link will be placed. Winning lines are crucial, as soon as the rollers by turning left off. Usually, it takes three symbols for a number to be made. Only the gold coin has a profit even as a couple. After a successful turn the amounts will be credited automatically.


a total of age of discovery slot machine 25 paylines. However, you can determine how many you want to actually play. You can play so well with less, to save usage in this way. You could increase again directly, for example on the other side, so that there are higher profits when winning line. Calculates the winnings basically are easy, the components for this is your engagement and the value of the symbol once, both acting as multipliers.

Slot game symbols in the age of discovery online slot

On a subject of such symbols are an important part of course, to tell the story. Actually, the developer has done here all the work. Five different kinds of fruit, which of course have something to do with the then predominant sea trade make it the beginning. It continues with a sextant, to calculate the right course. Followed by a coat of arms, as a ship. Especially in the age of discovery, but are the three symbols that are not commonplace. The great sea monster there, that acts as an additional multiplier. The gold coin has good values and serves as a wild card. The compass, however, can lead to the treasure bonus.

Slot machines instructions by age of discovery

Even if age of discovery gives a very unique image, so the game can be, but how the most machines in the casino to play. Before simply decide whether you want to play for real money. For a login and boot is necessary but then. Do you simply just try and play for fun, then that's also just so and free.

Conclusion with regard to the age of discovery test

Age of Discovery collects definitely pluses for the scenario that is just fresh and unspent, but was very well implemented. The graphics are fun, which is certainly not quite unimportant in the slot casino. But also the values and functions make no exception, so that there is no lack at least odds, if you rotate the rollers for the.